Milford Sound Day Trip

Milford Sound is a day trip away from Queenstown, New Zealand and was one of the most dazzling stops on my New Zealand road trip.

Tour Group vs Car Rental

After experiencing the journey to Milford Sound, I would recommend taking a tour group, rather than renting a car and driving yourself.

Not only will a tour group save money, but the roads are treacherous and the weather is highly unpredictable.

Milford Sound Weather

I experienced all seasons on the drive over. The day started out sunny, but soon enough we drove into a heavy rainstorm and then when we reached  the mountains, it started snowing.

The trip to Milford Sound starts off in the early morning, and usually includes 3-4 stops along the way to break up the drive while taking in some of New Zealand’s beautiful scenery.  It’s a long and tiring day, but well worth the visit.

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